New Beginnings! :)

A Special thank you…

First and foremost, I have to thank everyone SO much for the incredibly overwhelming amount of lovely messages I have received since “breaking the news”…I am unable to express my gratitude for your kinds words…Chris and I have been reading each and every one, and they have brought smiles to our faces and warmth to our hearts.  Thank you again so much – we are very moved. 

I understand that everyone is curious as to why I have made the decision to move on, so I decided it would be easiest to leave a note here with “the scoop” for all to read, and clear up any questions people may have.

The “Scoop”!

Truthfully,  there is no “scoop”.  Quite honestly, it’s just… “time”.   I’ve had an absolutely amazing 5 seasons at Daytime Ottawa and have loved every minute of my time at Rogers TV.  The staff, volunteers, guests, viewers, and especially Derick have brought so much joy into my life each and every day, and I will be forever grateful for my experience there.   So much so that I stayed far longer than I ever expected to!  All because I loved it too much to go!  I have  always known in the back of my mind that I would have to move on eventually, and now, well, the time is just right.  Sometimes , in order for exciting changes to happen in your life, you can’t just wait for them – you have to make those changes happen.  

Rogers TV provides incredible opportunities in television for people like me  (who come from absolutely zero experience whatsoever),  to grow and learn and “give it a shot”.  I have gained so much invaluable experience during my time there, experience  that never in a million years I could have even dreamt would be possible for me.   Now, it’s time to take what I have learned,  apply  all of the lessons to what lies before me in the next phase of my life, and move forward.   And, most importantly, it’s time for me to step aside and let a new young girl have the opportunity to grow and learn there – just like I did. **Special note to her …whoever she may be:   I wish you all the success and happiness that I had there!  You’re going to love it – soak it all in! 🙂

Sooo…What’s Next?

My hubby and I have a lot of things we have wanted to do with our dance business for a very long time, and he has been wonderfully patient for the past five years letting me play around on Daytime while he works his butt off – Lol!   All kidding aside though…never once did he ever make me feel that “it was time to go”…. he has been my number one supporter through thick and thin, and always believed more than anyone else that it was important for me to explore the possibilities that the TV world could bring.  As a result, he gave me all of the time in the world I needed,  helped me in every way he possibly could, and, most importantly,  stood beside me every step of the way.   And for that.. I am eternally grateful to him.   Everything I am…I owe to him.

 Moving forward,  I will still actively be doing TV and MC work, but more on a freelance basis.  Those of you who really know me, know very well that I always have A LOT of projects on the go behind-the-scenes at any given time, and I will now be fully able to work on taking some of those projects to the next level.  I’m pretty excited about that, and will keep you posted along the way.  

The other major – and number one – priority filling my days will be “Dance With TLC”.  Truly…dancing with Chris remains my first love in life, and I will be focusing on that as I move forward.  Chris and I will be expanding our “Dance With TLC” business with all of the things we have been talking about doing for a very long time – and now the time has come!    We will be introducing beginner group classes, Saturday night parties with dance demonstrations, corporate team-building workshops, charity events – you name it!  We’re even launching a new travel arm of our business that combines our two loves – dancing and travel!  Stay tuned for details on that – but suffice it to say that it will involve teaching people to travel the world by day,  and dance by night!   All while cruising the seven seas!  Fun!!

So, as you can see,  one thing is for sure – I’m very much looking forward to all of the adventures that this next phase brings me – whatever they are!   I haven’t felt this much excitement for what lies ahead in a long time, and I can’t wait for what tomorrow brings….   

Thank you again to all that have made the past 5 years so irreplaceable for me…. I’ll be around!  🙂


ps – We’ll keep everyone posted on what we’re up to through our “Dance With TLC” on Facebook and Twitter,  this blog,  and of course our email:


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