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TLC Travel Diary – Day 1

We’re off!          Some people absolutely hate travelling. Not the actual vacation part, but the travel part. We, on the other hand, really love it. The airports, the magazines, the airplane food, the movies, the crosswords – you name it. … Continue reading

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SYTYCD Canada Season 3 – The Good, the Bad, and the We’ll See.

Apologies to all – this post is waaaay late.  We have a couple of good reasons, but mostly it’s because we have been completely neglecting our PVR due to the fact that we’ve been feverishly renovating the church where we rent our dance space.  We’ve … Continue reading

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You Only Live Once. Cross Something Off Your “Bucket List” today.

N.B. – still counting votes from the previous post regarding capital letters – hundreds have read, not many voted, but nevertheless results are pretty split down the middle – so this will be a test-capital-letter-blog.   Feel free to go back to … Continue reading

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Queries, Kudos, AND CAPITALS of a Big Blog World…

…so…when we decided to jump into the blogosphere, we decided to do so as we do everything else in life – head first.   we had no idea how deep it was, or the size of the world we were to … Continue reading

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All We Hear Is…Radio Cha-Cha…

 …so yesterday i had the amazing opportunity of guest co-hosting on the EZ Breakfast Show on EZ Rock 99.7 .    this was my first-ever attempt at radio, and let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it looks … i mean…”sounds”.    it was … Continue reading

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Do You “Work to Live”…or “Live to Work”?

one of our favourite sayings of all time was given to us by a lovely lady that we met while working in the South of France.  we were chatting one day about how calm, relaxed, and happy the European people … Continue reading

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Life’s a Dance….Live it Like Everyone’s Watching!

so…i think i should explain myself…because at first glance, it may seem like our “tagline” for the blog is an error.  usually, you may hear the saying “dance like no one’s watching”. very famous, and with a great meaning behind it, something … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time…..

….lived a couple named TL & Chris.   that’s us.  and this is our new blog.  i must say, thinking of the name for the blog was the most interesting part of putting this thing together.  a lot goes through your … Continue reading

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