TLC Travel Diary – Naples & Capri

Day 2 – Naples & Capri   

In Naples we took a ferry over to Capri – it was absolutely gorgeous.  Very scenic and luxurious – obviously a play town for the uber-rich.    

His & Hers


 We hopped on a local bus and travelled (by “travelled” I mean hung on for our lives as the driver zipped along the edges of the cliffs) to the very top of the island to a town called AnaCapri – it was stunning and the views were breathtaking.    



 We toasted the day with a picnic of local wine and some fresh pizza pastries warm out of the oven from a little boulangerie…mmmm…..   

Capri Happy Hour


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3 Responses to TLC Travel Diary – Naples & Capri

  1. Melody says:

    Heys Guys,
    So sorry were were not able to connect in Italy. We were on the opposite side of the “Boot” enjoying the Adriatic Sea this visit.

  2. andrea rader says:

    Enjoy your holiday! It looks like u r having a great time!

  3. Francis Burns says:

    It looks absolutely astonishing. We would all love to be there with you. Glad your’re all having a great time!

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