DWTS – Season 11 – First Thoughts

 Dancing with the Stars – Season 11 – The Cast 

First of all…hurray!!  DWTS is back!!  And second of all ….WOW what a cast this year!!!!  

When ABC  announced this season’s roster we were so incredibly intrigued, as this is by far the most “Star-Worthy” cast they have ever lined up.  Now, this makes us very excited for two reasons:  1) participating in the show & ballroom dancing is becoming increasingly attractive to the celebrities, and 2) with lineups like this, it will intrigue even more hot celebrities, so that means the show is only getting hotter and isn’t going anywhere for a looooong time!  Wheeee! 

Below are our humble opinions of how the teams made out on their debut week.  BUT, we have a few disclaimers:  1) my mother always taught me if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all, so there won’t be any bashing on this blog.  If that’s what you want, read somewhere else.  Everyone has strengths to celebrate and weaknesses they can improve on, so if that’s what you like to learn about, read on…and 2) we must be honest and disclose on the outset that we will always be a bit biased toward Mark Ballas, Corky Ballas, and Derek Hough, as there is a bit of a 6-degrees of separation between us:  Mark Ballas & his family (including his dad Corky, mom Shirley, and friends-like-family Derek and Julianne Hough) are the very close friends of our very close and special friend, Alan Grundy and so we support them no matter what.  Sorry, can’t help it.  Friends help friends. 🙂 


Audrina Patridge & Tony Dovolani : This girl really surprised us.  She seems to have a lot of potential, and has a cute personality.  It was nice to see her smiling throughout her entire routine, and that body!  Holy legs, Batman!  If she uses them to her advantage to create some great lines and learns to point her toes consistently, she will do very well.  But Tony is truly an amazing teacher and one of our favourite pros, so no doubt he will make that happen.  Btw – we are so happy that Tony has been given a good partner this year, as he usually is stuck with the ones that need “work” because he’s so nice.  Remember Kate?  Ugh.  What a waste of Tony that was. 


Brandy & Maksim Chmerkovskiy:  Here’s another one that has an infectious smile and very likeable personality.  Look forward to seeing more of her, especially as she gets more comfortable in the dancing.  And…well…she was teamed with Maks.  So….that’s all I can say about that…because…well, I’m married. 


Bristol Palin & Mark Ballas:  We have vowed to give this girl a fighting chance, and here’s why: 1) her mother is not her fault, 2) she is the ONLY celebrity with absolutely NO experience with performing or showcasing their talent on TV in front of millions of people, and there are no words to describe how challenging that must be for her, and 3) well…we mentioned it earlier…it’s Mark! 


David Hasselhoff & Kym Johnson:  Ummmm….well….he’s gone, so that’s that.  (Phew!) 

Florence Henderson & Corky Ballas:  Yaaaay, Mrs. Brady!  We always support the more “mature” contestants because they just damn well deserve it for getting out there and doing it.  And also, it’s Mrs. Brady! It’s everybody’s mother!  You kind of have to!  Actually, we have a bit of a six-degrees-thing with Florence Henderson too:  she is the best friend of our friend & boss from JAR Productions, Jean Ann Ryan.  We met Florence on a number of occasions when they would pop in to rehearsal and watch, and we are more than happy to say she is truly a lovely lady and every bit as funny and delightful in person as you see on TV!

 Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough:  Derek has to be the luckiest Professional on DWTS – he always gets a great partner!  Jennifer did amazing, and obviously has the potential to go very far, as we all know she has dance training behind her through her iconic performance in Dirty Dancing.  Since the desire to be “Baby” is the reason why so many girls (myself included) started dancing in the first place, she plain-old deserves respect just for what she has done for the dance world.  I don’t even need to comment on the disappointment we all feel about her plastic surgery so I won’t. 

Kurt Warner & Anna Trebunskaya:  Truth be told, we always secretly root for the “Sports Guys”.  Their involvement in the show has done SO much for the sport of Ballroom Dancing we can’t even tell you.  Plain and simple: they remove stigma, and make it “cool” for men to try ballroom dancing.   For that we thank them, along with millions of wives and girlfriends around the world who want to dance so badly but their guys won’t.  (Hopefully someday this will cease to be the reality.  C’mon people – it’s 2010 for god’s sake!)  My favourite comment of all is when some of the NFL players et al say things like, “This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done”.  Kurt did very well too, and shows a lot of potential if he keeps up the hard work and keeps that endearing personality he displayed on the floor!

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer:  Ok, we’ll admit it – Lacey really isn’t our cup of tea (sorry to all of her fans – we don’t know why?  Too much “edge”, not enough “lady” maybe?) , but nevertheless – her partner sure is!!    This guy is personality, personality, and more personality, and as a bonus – he can dance too!  We were so impressed by his sharpness and lines (Lacey gets our credit for that, of course) and easily took our “Performance” award out of all of the competitors.  Amazing!

Margaret Cho & Louis Van Amstel:  A note about Louis: he always takes our “creativity” award.  This man is the Ballroom Dance world’s “Madonna”.  He always pushes the envelope, and sets the trends for style, choreography, and performance.  As the weeks go on, watch for this in his performances – especially when he dances with other Pros.  It’s amazing.  Now, admittedly his choices didn’t wash on the first night and we agreed with the judges.  It was just too soon, and Margaret should have stuck with her story and kept it serious, because it was working, and pulled at our heart-strings.  When she added the jokes it took away from her performance, but we know Louis will fix that for next week!

Michael Bolton & Chelsie Hightower:  This girl has really grown on us.  She has matured so beautifully, and has just the right balance of preserving her youth while acting as a professional and a lady at the same time.  We feel the casting of her with Michael Bolton is unfortunate, as the match is just kind of uncomfortable to us.  Michael has a lot to work on, but if he really puts his mind to it he can certainly improve.  Lucky for him, he will also have his vast fan base behind him so that’s always a bonus.

Mike Sorrentino & Karina Smirnoff:  The Situation was a unique Situation, in many ways.  He was immediately at a disadvantage as he only had 5 days to prepare compared to the 3 weeks that the other celebrities had,  so or this we will give him a break, and see how it goes next week.  But, we must admit that if he pulls out more of “the Situation” and brings that unique “confidence” to the dance floor, it will be pure entertainment to watch in a train-wreck-kind-of-way.  Where does one get cahones like that, anyway?

Rick Fox & Cheryl Burke:  This guy gets our sports kudos that we mentioned above, is absolutely gorgeous to look at, and danced really well to boot.  Cheryl really deserves an honourable mention for how well she covered the very obvious height difference.  The behind-the-scenes of this is: it is an amazing challenge to work with a partner that is not matched height-wise, so we were very impressed by that.  Four-inch dance heels?   Damn, Girl!

….and that’s today’s TLC.

ps – did you watch?  who’s YOUR favourite?


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  1. I really admire Jennifer Grey’s tribute to Patrick Swayze on DWTS. Last night was just special. They got to dance to a song that is so iconic and it triggered great memories.

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