Ballroom Dance Competition Contest Winners!

Ballroom Dance Competition Contest Winners!   

Well, this is somewhat of an experiment, so we hope it works!  We chose the winners of our Dance with TLC Facebook Fan Page contest by video and posted it here! 


Did it work?


If it did…… 

Congratulations to all of the winners!! (We will message you the details of how to pick up the tickets)  

……and……thanks SO much to ALL for playing!!  Fun!!  We will try and have contests as often as we can! 

xoxoxoxo….TLC 🙂


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Ballroom Dancers, TV Personalities, Gypsies, Travellers, Dreamers, Spouses, Best Friends, Soul Mates....
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4 Responses to Ballroom Dance Competition Contest Winners!

  1. Jenna Pietrantonio says:

    Awesome Guys! See you saturday night! Good job with the video!

  2. Doug says:

    I’m disappointed. Derick told me that I could go with Vanda and there was free beer. I should have known better! great fun tho.

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