Life’s a Dance….Live it Like Everyone’s Watching!

so…i think i should explain myself…because at first glance, it may seem like our “tagline” for the blog is an error.  usually, you may hear the saying “dance like no one’s watching”. very famous, and with a great meaning behind it, something like…”do whatever you want, how you want, and don’t care what anyone thinks because their opinion doesn’t matter anyway”.  love that.  and admittedly, i considered using that one, because we often tell our students to think that way when they dance so that they dance with abandon.  but, the more and more i thought about it, it just didn’t sit right.  something felt wrong to me.

i think it felt wrong because this blog is not only about dance, it’s about life.  and in life we actually live it for the most part like people are watching, don’t we?  for example, if nobody was watching as we go about our day-to-day routines, wouldn’t we all walk around naked more often?  girls, really, wouldn’t we skip the hair-and-makeup-routine?  wouldn’t we wear our very favourite outfit every single day instead of as-often-as-we-can-but-strategically-planned-with-an-acceptable-number-of-days-in-between, or according to which people will “see” it at the event we are wearing it to?  exactly.  we typically do these things because people are usually watching.  don’t even get me started on life when you’re on a daily TV show…yes…people are watching….and yes….they have opinions…believe me…on every single little tiny move that you make.

so, with these thoughts in mind, i thought i’d take it to the next level.  if people are watching us live our lives, why don’t we live the best life we possibly can, trying to make the best choices, work the hardest, love the deepest, be the kindest, you name it.  don’t just live or dance like some people are watching – take it up a notch and live like everyone’s watching!  and make them damn impressed by what they see!

and that’s today’s TLC.

ps….what will you do today that you want everyone to see?


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1 Response to Life’s a Dance….Live it Like Everyone’s Watching!

  1. kathy smart says:

    Love your blog!!!

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