All We Hear Is…Radio Cha-Cha…

Neil & Steve from EZ Breakfast Show

 …so yesterday i had the amazing opportunity of guest co-hosting on the EZ Breakfast Show on EZ Rock 99.7 .    this was my first-ever attempt at radio, and let me tell you, it’s a lot harder than it looks … i mean…”sounds”.    it was the most scared and nervous i have been for anything in a really long time, and there is SO much going on behind-the-scenes at any given moment you wouldn’t believe it!  

i think we all picture the hosts of radio morning shows to be sitting around, feet up, chillin’ over a cup of java and shooting the sh*t.   but, that’s the beauty of when it’s done well,  it seems like that’s what’s happening, but in reality,  there are a million things happening at once,  and all the while they’re cool as cucumbers.     i was so impressed with how smoothly Neil and Steve zipped in and out of breaks, weather, traffic, news, callers, and of course music – while at the same time making sure the rookie (me) didn’t push any wrong buttons or speak at the wrong times (thankfully they really helped me with this one, and chris wants to know where he can find a “mute” button like the one they had for me).   it was an incredible learning experience to say the least, and i have such genuine newfound respect for the job they do  (not to mention how bloody early they have to get up every day – oy vey).   they made it look so easy (excuse the pun),  and it was a really fun way to spend the morning!  i need to try it about 845, 672 more times in order to really get the hang of it, but the first time is always the hardest so at least it could only get better, right!

Neil and Steve,  special thanks for your patience, for making me feel so welcome, and for helping me cross something off my bucket list.   and to their awesome co-host Viv, thanks for letting me keep your chair warm for a day while you were away!   someday i’ll teach you ALL a cha-cha in return! 

here’s a sneak peek behind-the-scenes:  (thanks, chris for taking all the pics and video!  xoxoxo….)

and that’s today’s TLC.

ps – what will you do today that scares you?


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4 Responses to All We Hear Is…Radio Cha-Cha…

  1. My radio experience taught me one thing: you gotta think on your feet at all times. And even when you think you have mastered it, there’s always something new to learn. Glad you had a good time on the show. I heard some of it and you sounded awesome. 🙂

    I don’t have much that scares me, really. Probably because I have conditioned myself to just “go for it” and before I know it, whatever “it” was, is done so there’s nothing to worry about.

  2. Pamela Steeves says:

    You go girl!!! Great job…you made it look way too (wait for it)…easy! 🙂

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