Queries, Kudos, AND CAPITALS of a Big Blog World…

…so…when we decided to jump into the blogosphere, we decided to do so as we do everything else in life – head first.   we had no idea how deep it was, or the size of the world we were to swim around in, but we were excited to explore.  and we can report after a very short period of time that it is in fact – a Big Blog World full of queries, kudos, and CAPITALS.  

first – the queries.  

there are a lot of them!   from the first day you feel like you are back in grade 2 and faced with math class for the first time, and you have 10+ more years of learning to go before you’ve even scratched the surface of what you need to know.   some we have been faced with so far:  blogspot or wordpress? should we self-host? do we need a domain name? how do we tag? why do we need categories?  how do we connect social media? do we need twitter? a fan page? what are links for?  multi-media? how many kinds ARE there?  AAARRRGHH!  and the list goes on for 10+ more years.  (fyi – what have found some answers, and are happy to share and save you the time – message us if you have some!)

second – the kudos.

this is a shout-out to all of the great friends that have helped us to answer the above questions, either by answering them directly, or, without even knowing, because we have visited their great blogs to see how great bloggers do it right (the links provide “blog-love” – which is one of the thing’s we’ve learned about):  Ginger of three65, Chris of Nachos at Midnight, Keltie of HighKicksandHighHopes, Andrew of PhotoVanBeek, Rosie O’Donnell, Rod Fage of OSG Consulting, the feedback and opinions of: Amrita, Derick,  Lannan, our beloved students, everyone-else-that-we-should-be-thanking-but-is-going-to-come-to-mind-after-we-publish-this-post, and of course – our latest best friend:  Google.


this is to represent the questions that will be posed to you as you “put yourself out there” into the blogosphere, and it’s interesting to learn what people will ponder as they read.  this is my favourite one so far: “why don’t you use capital letters in your blog?”   great question.   and really, i’m not that sure of the answer because it just kind of happened, but i thinks it’s mostly about “tone”.   this blog is meant to be very informal, laid-back, and more of a behind-the-scenes of life and our thoughts than anything “official”.   capital letters, to me, make things more official and important, which is why i still capitalize proper nouns.  they can also CHANGE THE TONE, AS YOU SEE HERE, ALL OF A SUDDEN I SEEM TO WANT YOUR ATTENTION.    so, i decided not to use them.  BUT (note the emphasis),  we are really open to learning and making it the best blog it can be, and, we strongly encourage interaction……so….let’s find out what you the readers would prefer: 

now…if i could only figure out how to change the font.  sigh. back to google.

and that’s today’s TLC.

ps….who deserves your kudos today?


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7 Responses to Queries, Kudos, AND CAPITALS of a Big Blog World…

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  2. Rod Fage says:

    TL and Chris,

    Thanks for the shoutout. See I really do read your blog.


  3. Anthony Lenzo says:

    Hi Guys
    Just checkout you blog, very good I like what I see and read. I agree with you on Derick having his own blog. He should write on the experiences with music festivals/concerts he been to . To help out with your blog I always find those bright yellow “Dummies” books are helpful. Here couple of links to website on giving advice on how to write and edit a good blog page.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. TLCRader says:

    hey girl! thanks for the advice – will look into your suggestions, for sure! btw – we have google ads? how did THAT happen? first on list: getting rid of those! xoxoxo…

  5. keltie says:

    Hey guys! thanks for the shoutout. I think you are doing an amazing job already! FAST learning! The only thing I would say is left to do is your ad space. I see that you have google ads, and the current ad is for a video game…something to think about, getting in contact with people and companies that will pay you to blog and for products that you actually LIKE. When I come to your site I would love a link to some ballroom studios, maybe a good new book, a store where tl gets her clothes for the show, something more towards your brand. Think about it. 🙂 good work friends!

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