You Only Live Once. Cross Something Off Your “Bucket List” today.

N.B. – still counting votes from the previous post regarding capital letters – hundreds have read, not many voted, but nevertheless results are pretty split down the middle – so this will be a test-capital-letter-blog.   Feel free to go back to the poll and vote if this influences you!  🙂  But first….today’s blog: 

Due to the fact that we are professional Gypsies, and to the admission in a previous post that we try our best to “Work to Live” not “Live to Work”, you may have already figured out that we really try to cross things off of our “Bucket List” as often as we can.  We are acutely aware that “we only live once”, and don’t want to miss a thing while we’re here,  so we are constantly working on making the next dream come true.   We are proud to report that we are crossing another item off the “Bucket List” this week, but even happier to report that it’s not on our list…it’s on my parents’. 


The most magical part of our life so far was when we worked in the Mediterranean.  We loved every minute of it.  We miss it.  We have always said that if we won the lottery, we would immediately board a plane back to the Med, buy a place there, and spend the rest of our lives sharing its beauty with any friends and family that wanted to visit us.  (Mark our words – that WILL still happen – lottery or not!)  

Portofino, Italy

It turned out that our love was infectious, because as we went on and on about it, my Mom and Dad declared that “some day” they would love to experience it.  We immediately promised that when they were ready to go, we would go with them, and be their tour guides to help them experience “the best of the Med”.   That was 14 years ago.  Yes, you read that right.  And we’re not proud of it.  Neither us nor my parents.  For 14 years we all let day-to-day life and work get in the way, said “maybe next year” over and over, went about crossing other things off our bucket lists, and before we knew it, 14 years had gone by.  Then something happened.  This year, suddenly in April, Chris lost his Mom.  


We miss her.  There are many things we so badly wanted to experience with her.  We didn’t get the chance.  This week, we are taking my Mom and Dad to the Med.  And Chris’s Mom too.


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10 Responses to You Only Live Once. Cross Something Off Your “Bucket List” today.

  1. Melody says:

    Bucket List Scratch Off:
    Never thought I would do it but I actually drove myself along those crazy-unpredictable-winding-small-town-to-city-roads of Italy both during the day & at night. Heart pounding, felt like I was back in Drivers Ed. (sooooo glad I had an automatic LOL)

    • TLCRader says:

      LOL! LOVE this comment! We did the Amalfi drive to Positano the next week! SO gorgeous! Can’t wait to get together for dinner when we get back to compare stories!! xoxoxoxo…..

  2. Francis Burns says:

    Hi Tl and Chris,

    I have been watching Daytime Rogers since before you were on. We get to see you on Tv, but the reality is we get to know others through you. With your blog we have the opportunity to actually get to know you as we love what we see on TV and love what we read on TLC…..

    You have a lovely talent for writing it is quite awe inspiring and contemplating your accomplishements it reminds me to get working on my own life. I love you touching blogs and remember if you don’t tell us about the great things you have done and the great people your paths have crossed with, probably nobody else will tell us either.

    Keep up the good writing because we are a reading. Frank

    • TLCRader says:

      Thank you so much for these kind words, Frank. Truth be told, I am really enjoying writing the blog – the one regret that Chris and I have is that through all of our years of travel and chaos we never kept a journal! Look forward to documenting these memories, as well as what happens day-to-day for the readers! All the best & thanks again…TL & C….

  3. keltie says:

    hey guys
    loved this blog, i feel the same way with my mom, said FOREVER we would do mommy + me backpack through greece, and then she’s been on her butt for two years waiting for a hip replacement. New hip this week and as soon as she’s better, we are GOING. This blog inspired me to make that happen. have the best trip!


    • TLCRader says:

      Yes!!! DO IT – you’ll be thankful that you did…. Hope all is well with you – thinking of you often and sending you good vibes all the time!! xoxoxo….TL & C

  4. Victoria says:

    To TL, & Chris, may you all have a lovely trip….enjoy relax……you have got that right life is to short! I am sure mom will be there too!

  5. kathy smart says:

    This post is so beautiful and has brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all! Hugs and Love

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