Behind-the-Scenes Webisode of the 2010 World Professional Ballroom Championships


Behind-the-Scenes Webisode of the 2010 World Professional Ballroom Championships in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada!

World Professional Ballroom Championships 2010

Hello, Friends!  TLC hit the scene to bring you a taste of the vibe at the World Professional and Canadian Professional Ballroom and Latin Championships in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada!


….and that’s today’s TLC. 

ps – please feel free to share this if you see some friends in the video!


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2 Responses to Behind-the-Scenes Webisode of the 2010 World Professional Ballroom Championships

  1. Francis Burns says:

    I was cheering for Bristol Palin, but I am afraid this is the week she has to go. I think she is on the show because of the celebrity status of her mother instead of her own star power.
    I think she has a lot of potential, but not the time to bring it to fruitation. That being said, I do think her teacher has to share half of the blame he just gave really basic choreography there is no way this week or last week anyone could win with that choreography. It is way to basic.

    My number 0ne pick for the season will be brandy or Jennifer Grey. Jennifer Grey seems to have major physical problems. Her strongest point is her natural dancability and even stronger is her partner Derek. Derek is a Genius at Choreography, thus who ever lands with him has the upper hand of winning.

    My guess is it will come down to the wire with Brandy and Jennifer. Either one would be a nice winner.

    • TLCRader says:

      This is a great evaluation, Frank! It’s like a “comment guest blog”! well done! (and we totally agree about Derek’s choreo – it’s stunning every time!!! 🙂

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