NEW FEATURE! – GUEST BLOG! Review of the Top 10 on SYTYCDC – by Ginger Bertrand


NEW FEATURE! – GUEST BLOG!  Review of the Top 10 on SYTYCDC – by Ginger Bertrand


TL & Ginger

Well, this is going to be fun!  We’re starting a NEW feature on the Blog which will highlight “Guest Bloggers” giving their best rants and raves about the dance world as they see it.  If you’d like to contribute as a Guest Blogger, send us a comment and let us know!  You don’t have to be a pro – just tell how you feel from the heart – and why.

Our first Guest Blogger is the spectacular Ginger Bertrand – Dancer, TV Producer, PR Specialist, and Blogger herself – giving her thoughts on the So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s Top 10 performance show.  Here are her thoughts….in her very own words:


Well, it’s finally here…TOP 10 WEEK ON SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA. And might I say that this was an excruciatingly slow process to get here but thank GAWD it is here and thank GAWD we’re down to an hour long show. That means less Leah babble and more dance. Heck, I bet if you asked any devout So You Think You Can Dance Canada follower, they would say that they could recite Leah’s exact intonation of her entire SYTYCDC vocabulary (“out of their genre,” “that was SO good,” “oh give me a hug” … ya you know what I’m talking about). Everything about Leah is unnatural and forced unlike the US counterpart’s host, Kat Deeley. Forgive me for comparing her to Kat Deeley. Actually, there is no comparison to Kat Deeley.

And on that note, let’s move on to the dancing.


 It’s solo time baby which means there is no hiding behind perfectly matched choreography and relying on a strong partner to get you votes. You’re on your own – and thankfully for four reasons:

  1. Edgar: OH.EM.GEE. He’s got the moves, he’s got the swagger and he’s got all that yummy goodness. You can’t help but watch him and pray that he takes off his top…which he usually does and that’s seals the deal for me.
  2. Janick: Clearly evident that her technique is not as strong as others but I dare you to tell me that you can take your eyes off of this girl. WOWZA! You can say all you want about technique but if you’re a boring dancer, no one’s going to buy tickets to your show…money makes the world go round folks! Luckily she as perky as ever and didn’t feel deflated after that performance (OH!)
  3. Jeff: Jumps, fast footwork and knee spins…OH MY! We got to see him shine tonight, in his own style, and I highly doubt any contemporary dancer could EVER do that without years of practice. He looked like a true professional.
  4. Amanda: Flawless. Every last extremity was perfectly controlled and every move executed with elegance and perfection.

Let me tell ya, I did not want to attempt watching tonight’s Blake McGrath Jazz Funk routine with my glasses on because I feared that baby-faced Jeff would be ravaged by lioness Janick. But I did and hi there Jeff, where did you come from? He was hot and certainly held his own in those big-ass manly boots. WOAH! He’s sticking around for another week. Luckily he didn’t have to do any soft port-de-bras partnering.

Luther + Amanda + Edgar + Hip Hop = LOVE!


No one can doubt that Stacie Tookey knows how to assemble a great piece of choreography, as Dan Karaty said, she’s one of if not the best, but tonight’s contemporary piece was just okay. Great transitions but the song was dull and the piece was not memorable. Charlene and Mackenzie proved to be technically sound but they lacked a whole lot for me.

Now hot topic Denys isn’t going anywhere yet but man he confuses me. Tonight, for the first time, I saw personality in his mambo but don’t be fooled everyone, Denys has yet to pull more than one number out of his genre (woah nelly…who am I…leah miller?). Granted latin, isn’t his thing, so to speak, but it’s still a partner dance with ballroom fundamentals. Just as contemporary and jazz have ballet fundamentals. But there he goes with a solid and undoubtedly powerful solo and throws in a grand jete with no extension in the back leg…and trust me this quasi attitude was not intentional. COME ON! I want to love you…make me love you.

And bummer alert for reunited couple Danielle and Sebastian. The quick step?! Man someone on the production team wants one of these two gone, and my bet is that it’s Sebastian. Although this piece was performed well,  and the only piece that didn’t get a single negatively slanted comment, no one votes for the quick step. It’s unfortunate but true.


Bottom 6: Sebastian, Danielle, Edgar, Nathalie, Denys, Charlene

Sebastian and Nathalie go home.


Thanks for being our very first guest blogger, Ginger!  Great Blog!

Do you have any questions or comments for Ginger?  Agree?  Disagree?  Why or why not?  Remember, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, so please respect those that differ from yours….and be kind.  🙂


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