Dance with TLC – Webisode 1 – “The Church of Dance” – Part 1

Dance with TLC – Webisode 1 – “The Church of Dance” – Part 1

The Church of Dance - Part 1

Soooo…a couple of months ago we started a “project”.  We figured that we had been living like Gypsies long enough, and decided to “commit” to something.  For those that know us well, know that this is a HUGE feat for us.  Huge. 

We have really been doing our best to stay in one place as much as possible and not travel for work for 50 weeks of the year, and as a result we really focused on building our dance life here at home.  The past couple of years have been really good to us.  Our students have been really good to us, the people from the Church where we teach and practice have been really good to us, and, basically,  life has just been really good to us. 

So…in an attempt to show our gratitude, we decided to give something back.  We decided that we would “spruce up” the basement of the Church where we dance – both as a gift to the Church, and a gift to our students.   And, since we had a really limited budget (none) we decided we were going to do it all by ourselves.  …..And….we learned that we should really stick to dancing.

We documented our antics along the way, and the following video is the first installment in a series of webisodes that we created for “posterity”.  We hope you enjoy!

….and that’s today’s TLC.

ps – stay tuned for Part II!


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8 Responses to Dance with TLC – Webisode 1 – “The Church of Dance” – Part 1

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  3. donna Kavanagh says:

    My God you two!!!
    How do you ever get anything done?!?!!
    TL, you are far to pretty and too much of a lady to paint church halls, it was torture watching you open the paint pots with those pretty nails. xx
    Cris, you seriously need to use the window shoobie thing to knock your wife unconscious and shove her in a cuboard whilst you get on with it.
    hahaha! well funny, cant wait to see part two.

  4. Tatiana Hiddleston says:

    Super LOL. This is too legit. I love it! Chris is hilarious. You guys should have done this while drunk.

  5. Doug Stafford says:

    Poor Chris! We’ve all been there Buddy! I painted one bathroom 2x in one summer. And then Anne found out that “teal” is not recommended by the experts. And no, husbands, are not considered experts, just the muscle.

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