ANOTHER GUEST BLOG! Ginger adds her hot spice to the mix on SYTYCDC Top 8!

 ANOTHER GUEST BLOG!  Ginger adds her hot spice to the mix on SYTYCDC Top 8! 

TL & Ginger

Last week’s Guest Blogger Ginger Bertrand couldn’t sit still while watching the Top 8, and had to tell you her thoughts on the results!  Love how she tells it exactly as she sees it – here are her thoughts….as always, completely unedited by us, in her very own words:

Ginger’s Twitter:  Gingy007       

Ginger’s Blog:


The Top 8 Extravaganza!

So last week I predicted that Nathalie and Sebastian would go home. Apparently I was wrong but also not alone. This week, the producers paired the two together as a wake-up call for Canada. They were saying “it’s time for these two to go”…actually, they weren’t saying it, they were SCREAMING it! And as such, last night’s vote-off show was as predictable as it gets – even if Leah said the show would be SHOCKING. Surprise, if you know anything about dance, and even if you don’t, last night’s show went exactly the way it should: Nathalie and Sebastian went home and MacKenzie and Danielle joined them. I believe going from 8 to 4 is a MAJOR FAUX-PAS for a show like this. You go from 22 to 18 or 14 to 10 but you don’t cut 4 of your top dancers off on the second last show – that was beyond tacky. People have fallen in love with these dancers and taking 4 away at this stage because you let two mediocre dancers into a top 22 was a big mistake and CTV has likely lost some key audience members because of it. I’m so missing the US version because the Canadian show continues to make up new rules and make bad moves (no pun intended) week to week.


Amanda and Jeff were phenomenal, but I expected nothing less. I am still frustrated with Jeff’s shoulders, arms and awkward leg extensions but he’s definitely grown the most, beyond his acro tricks, and will continue to grow and deliver. I look forward to his career. The producers were clearly stating that these two SHOULD be top 2. DUH. Did you see his face when he pushed the chair off the stage? Goosebumps – I totally felt that.

I felt bad after Danielle got voted off because she delivered a solid performance on Wednesday. Unfortunately, she has not been consistently delivering and Janick is just a bit more versatile and more entertaining (it was a tossup between the two). But when Danielle is in her element – watch out world – she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

I LOVE JANICK – I don’t think she should win but her quality of performance is out of this world. I truly love her…and loved her in her piece on Wednesday night. I think she is the new Kim from last season – the French own the stage and when you throw Luther into the mix – well, magic happens.

And speaking of French how about that bang on opening number choreographed on vote-off night by the lovely Jean Marc Genereux and wife France (I love these two together – they are just so freaking adorable, believable and a match made in heaven).


On the other hand, Sean Cheesman is SO hit or miss. One the one hand he delivers some great work and on the other he produces a dance like Wednesday night’s opening number that looks like a mediocre competition number and at parts like a mediocre competition number gone wrong – like the hitch developpe kicks – YIKES – do we still do those in 2010? UGH! This piece was just OK. Loved the airplane theme, if you’ve seen All That Jazz, you know where this Take Off With Us Fosse inspiration comes from.

Nathalie and Sebastian’s duet was so painful, it hurt. I don’t even want to talk about it for fear of sounding way too harsh.

As for MacKenzie, I’m happy he’s gone to tell you the truth. I don’t think I could watch one more illusion out of a grand pirouette. My thoughts on a signature move is that you have to do it EXTREMELY well to do it ALL THE TIME! This move on MacKenzie leaves something to be desired. (Amanda demonstrated it on Wednesday night with perfect extension and control). I did like MacKenzie in pieces that were suited for him but unfortunately he fell flat near the end of the competition.

FYI – I’m tired of watching dancers open their solo piece with an incredible preparation for a crappy double pirouette. If you can’t turn – don’t turn. As a choreographer, I strategically design my pieces FOR the dancer in order to highlight their ability instead of highlight their inability. In this case, the soloists are on their own and they only get one shot so throwing things into the piece that don’t look good on them should be avoided at all costs.

And let’s discuss Denys’s solo on the night of the vote off show. He should have been voted off the island instantaneously for that ridiculous performance. At first I thought, oh wow – he’s going to show us some great personality. And then I watched and wanted to cry. He leapt into a grand jeté à la seconde with bent knees and with a complete lack of effort, did not lengthen his attitudes on double attitudes en tournant or Baryshnikovs or whatever he was attempting to do and threw himself into gawd knows what – yuck!


4th – Jannick

3rd – Denys

2nd – Jeff



Thanks , Ginger!  Great review!  Gee, next time, tell us what you really think, hahaha!  Seriously though, I think A LOT of people would agree with you on the Top8-to-Top4 thing (ourselves included!) Why on earth did they do that??  Anyone else have thoughts on this??

Again, do you have any questions or comments for Ginger?  Agree?  Disagree?  Why or why not?  Tell us!  And remember, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, so please respect those that differ from yours….and…as always….be kind.  🙂 

ps – If you’d like to contribute as a Guest Blogger, send us a comment and let us know!  Everyone’s opinion matters!  You don’t have to be a pro – just tell how you feel from the heart – and why!



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3 Responses to ANOTHER GUEST BLOG! Ginger adds her hot spice to the mix on SYTYCDC Top 8!

  1. Theresa says:

    You really know your stuff, Ginger!

    I also felt “ripped off” in not having a week of the “Top 6” to look forward to! I guess they had to cut a week somewhere for having a “Top 22” instead of a “Top 20”. I would have rather dropped a couple of the dancers sooner than later (maybe go from 14 to 10).

    Anyway, as much as I like Denys, I have to agree with Ginger that his solo on Thursday night was a mess. Hopefully, he’ll put together a better one next week.
    I felt a bit bad for Mackenzie…he was starting to grow on me, but definitely Jeff deserves a Top 4 spot.

    Amanda is amazingly beautiful….her solos were fabulous. I hope she wins it all, she deserves it.

    The only Top 4 I don’t understand is Janick…yes, she’s a great performer but I don’t see a lot of technique (her spins and extensions are ofter lack lustre). I would have much rather seen Danielle in the Top 4.

    Looking forward to finals…

    • TLCRader says:

      Rachael & Theresa – Great comments! Thanks for dropping by the blog, and feel free to send your thoughts whenever you like! We agree about Amanda, too – it’s hers!

  2. Rachael says:

    I completely agree with the whole top 8 dropping to a top 4 in one night being a bad idea. I feel so ripped off!! People watch the show FOR THE SHOW, not just for the winners. That’s the whole pointe. (heehee)

    I think Ginger is bang on and I have yet to disagree with her on anything…. even agreed with her Leah Miller comments from last week!! LOL


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