ANOTHER GUEST BLOG! Ginger adds her hot spice to the mix on SYTYCDC Top 8!

 ANOTHER GUEST BLOG!  Ginger adds her hot spice to the mix on SYTYCDC Top 8! 

TL & Ginger

Last week’s Guest Blogger Ginger Bertrand couldn’t sit still while watching the Top 8, and had to tell you her thoughts on the results!  Love how she tells it exactly as she sees it – here are her thoughts….as always, completely unedited by us, in her very own words:

Ginger’s Twitter:  Gingy007       

Ginger’s Blog:


The Top 8 Extravaganza!

So last week I predicted that Nathalie and Sebastian would go home. Apparently I was wrong but also not alone. This week, the producers paired the two together as a wake-up call for Canada. They were saying “it’s time for these two to go”…actually, they weren’t saying it, they were SCREAMING it! And as such, last night’s vote-off show was as predictable as it gets – even if Leah said the show would be SHOCKING. Surprise, if you know anything about dance, and even if you don’t, last night’s show went exactly the way it should: Nathalie and Sebastian went home and MacKenzie and Danielle joined them. I believe going from 8 to 4 is a MAJOR FAUX-PAS for a show like this. You go from 22 to 18 or 14 to 10 but you don’t cut 4 of your top dancers off on the second last show – that was beyond tacky. People have fallen in love with these dancers and taking 4 away at this stage because you let two mediocre dancers into a top 22 was a big mistake and CTV has likely lost some key audience members because of it. I’m so missing the US version because the Canadian show continues to make up new rules and make bad moves (no pun intended) week to week.


Amanda and Jeff were phenomenal, but I expected nothing less. I am still frustrated with Jeff’s shoulders, arms and awkward leg extensions but he’s definitely grown the most, beyond his acro tricks, and will continue to grow and deliver. I look forward to his career. The producers were clearly stating that these two SHOULD be top 2. DUH. Did you see his face when he pushed the chair off the stage? Goosebumps – I totally felt that.

I felt bad after Danielle got voted off because she delivered a solid performance on Wednesday. Unfortunately, she has not been consistently delivering and Janick is just a bit more versatile and more entertaining (it was a tossup between the two). But when Danielle is in her element – watch out world – she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

I LOVE JANICK – I don’t think she should win but her quality of performance is out of this world. I truly love her…and loved her in her piece on Wednesday night. I think she is the new Kim from last season – the French own the stage and when you throw Luther into the mix – well, magic happens.

And speaking of French how about that bang on opening number choreographed on vote-off night by the lovely Jean Marc Genereux and wife France (I love these two together – they are just so freaking adorable, believable and a match made in heaven).


On the other hand, Sean Cheesman is SO hit or miss. One the one hand he delivers some great work and on the other he produces a dance like Wednesday night’s opening number that looks like a mediocre competition number and at parts like a mediocre competition number gone wrong – like the hitch developpe kicks – YIKES – do we still do those in 2010? UGH! This piece was just OK. Loved the airplane theme, if you’ve seen All That Jazz, you know where this Take Off With Us Fosse inspiration comes from.

Nathalie and Sebastian’s duet was so painful, it hurt. I don’t even want to talk about it for fear of sounding way too harsh.

As for MacKenzie, I’m happy he’s gone to tell you the truth. I don’t think I could watch one more illusion out of a grand pirouette. My thoughts on a signature move is that you have to do it EXTREMELY well to do it ALL THE TIME! This move on MacKenzie leaves something to be desired. (Amanda demonstrated it on Wednesday night with perfect extension and control). I did like MacKenzie in pieces that were suited for him but unfortunately he fell flat near the end of the competition.

FYI – I’m tired of watching dancers open their solo piece with an incredible preparation for a crappy double pirouette. If you can’t turn – don’t turn. As a choreographer, I strategically design my pieces FOR the dancer in order to highlight their ability instead of highlight their inability. In this case, the soloists are on their own and they only get one shot so throwing things into the piece that don’t look good on them should be avoided at all costs.

And let’s discuss Denys’s solo on the night of the vote off show. He should have been voted off the island instantaneously for that ridiculous performance. At first I thought, oh wow – he’s going to show us some great personality. And then I watched and wanted to cry. He leapt into a grand jeté à la seconde with bent knees and with a complete lack of effort, did not lengthen his attitudes on double attitudes en tournant or Baryshnikovs or whatever he was attempting to do and threw himself into gawd knows what – yuck!


4th – Jannick

3rd – Denys

2nd – Jeff



Thanks , Ginger!  Great review!  Gee, next time, tell us what you really think, hahaha!  Seriously though, I think A LOT of people would agree with you on the Top8-to-Top4 thing (ourselves included!) Why on earth did they do that??  Anyone else have thoughts on this??

Again, do you have any questions or comments for Ginger?  Agree?  Disagree?  Why or why not?  Tell us!  And remember, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, so please respect those that differ from yours….and…as always….be kind.  🙂 

ps – If you’d like to contribute as a Guest Blogger, send us a comment and let us know!  Everyone’s opinion matters!  You don’t have to be a pro – just tell how you feel from the heart – and why!


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GUEST BLOG! Review of the Top 8 on SYTYCDC – by Ellen Morris-Seguin

  GUEST BLOG!  Review of the Top 8 on SYTYCDC – by Ellen Morris-Seguin

Today's Guest Blogger is from Suzart Productions!

Last week we started a NEW feature on the Blog which will highlight “Guest Bloggers” giving their best rants and raves about the dance world as they see it.  If you’d like to contribute as a Guest Blogger, send us a comment and let us know!  You don’t have to be a pro – just tell how you feel from the heart – and why.

Our Guest Blogger this week is Ellen Morris-Seguin.  This lady is an avid fan of dance shows of all kinds, works in local musical theater and loves everything about the dance world.  This week she gives her rants and raves on the So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s Top 8 performance show.  Here are her thoughts….as always, completely unedited by us, in her very own words:


First I would like to start with a clarification, I am not a dancer. So why am I qualified to be a guest blogger? Perhaps it is my life long obsession with all things musical theatre related. I worship Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Barbra Streisand, Donald O’Connor, well I could go on forever. The last few years I have been lucky enough to work with Suzart, a musical theatre company in Ottawa, and the Ottawa Catholic School Board on many musicals. I have done everything from make-up design, set design and costumes, to name a few, and am currently directing Willy Wonka.

I love the emotion, the power and the beauty of dance. Shows like SYTYCD and DWTS bring dance to everyone and that is an amazing thing. Do you think we could get Tom Bergeron to take over for Leah??

Enough about me, let’s talk about last nights show.  First the duets,WOW, once again the contemporary numbers stole the night.

Denys and Danielle: As a dancer I have always been impressed with Denys, he has been a solid partner throughout the competition but it was Danielle that stole this performance for me. She literally threw herself into this routine…loved it!

Jannick and MacKenzie: Okay I admit neither of these two are my favourites but I thought they both did very well in their hip-hop number.

Sabastien and Nathalie: Two words to describe their dance: train wreck. I thought the judges were being very kind, it was really bad, all of it. They did mention that Sabastien was injured, fair enough, but even taking that into account, there was no chemistry between them. It just did not work.

Jeff and Amanda: Although Denys and Danielle got a standing ovation from the judges, it was Amanda and Jeff that really stole the night for me. Everything about this performance was outstanding. When Sergio commented about how he would hire Jeff in a heartbeat, if Jeff were auditioning for him, I was thinking the same thing. When I audition people what I look for is a certain presence. Jeff exudes that presence, there is a joy in his dance that shines through. As for Amanda, she is truly a beautiful dancer, as a team they were incredible together.

The group number: was fun, Sean Cheesman for me is hit or miss, sometimes I love his choreography and sometimes I don’t. The concept for this group number was quite enjoyable and I always enjoy watching all the dancers perform together.

Solos: The weakest solo in my opinion was Jannick’s, the strongest Amanda’s with Denys a close second. Frankly I put very little weight on the solo performances, they are short and really do not show enough to sway me either way.

My prediction for bottom four: Jannick, Nathalie, Mackenzie and Sabastien.

I think Nathalie and Sabastien will be going home tonight.


Thanks , Ellen!  Great Blog!

Do you have any questions or comments for Ellen?  Agree?  Disagree?  Why or why not?  Tell us!  And remember, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, so please respect those that differ from yours….and be kind.  🙂 

ps – if you would like to be a “Guest Blogger” – let us know!  Everyone’s opinion is valued!!


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Behind-the-Scenes Webisode of the 2010 World Professional Ballroom Championships


Behind-the-Scenes Webisode of the 2010 World Professional Ballroom Championships in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada!

World Professional Ballroom Championships 2010

Hello, Friends!  TLC hit the scene to bring you a taste of the vibe at the World Professional and Canadian Professional Ballroom and Latin Championships in Ottawa/Gatineau, Canada!


….and that’s today’s TLC. 

ps – please feel free to share this if you see some friends in the video!

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NEW FEATURE! – GUEST BLOG! Review of the Top 10 on SYTYCDC – by Ginger Bertrand


NEW FEATURE! – GUEST BLOG!  Review of the Top 10 on SYTYCDC – by Ginger Bertrand


TL & Ginger

Well, this is going to be fun!  We’re starting a NEW feature on the Blog which will highlight “Guest Bloggers” giving their best rants and raves about the dance world as they see it.  If you’d like to contribute as a Guest Blogger, send us a comment and let us know!  You don’t have to be a pro – just tell how you feel from the heart – and why.

Our first Guest Blogger is the spectacular Ginger Bertrand – Dancer, TV Producer, PR Specialist, and Blogger herself – giving her thoughts on the So You Think You Can Dance Canada’s Top 10 performance show.  Here are her thoughts….in her very own words:


Well, it’s finally here…TOP 10 WEEK ON SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA. And might I say that this was an excruciatingly slow process to get here but thank GAWD it is here and thank GAWD we’re down to an hour long show. That means less Leah babble and more dance. Heck, I bet if you asked any devout So You Think You Can Dance Canada follower, they would say that they could recite Leah’s exact intonation of her entire SYTYCDC vocabulary (“out of their genre,” “that was SO good,” “oh give me a hug” … ya you know what I’m talking about). Everything about Leah is unnatural and forced unlike the US counterpart’s host, Kat Deeley. Forgive me for comparing her to Kat Deeley. Actually, there is no comparison to Kat Deeley.

And on that note, let’s move on to the dancing.


 It’s solo time baby which means there is no hiding behind perfectly matched choreography and relying on a strong partner to get you votes. You’re on your own – and thankfully for four reasons:

  1. Edgar: OH.EM.GEE. He’s got the moves, he’s got the swagger and he’s got all that yummy goodness. You can’t help but watch him and pray that he takes off his top…which he usually does and that’s seals the deal for me.
  2. Janick: Clearly evident that her technique is not as strong as others but I dare you to tell me that you can take your eyes off of this girl. WOWZA! You can say all you want about technique but if you’re a boring dancer, no one’s going to buy tickets to your show…money makes the world go round folks! Luckily she as perky as ever and didn’t feel deflated after that performance (OH!)
  3. Jeff: Jumps, fast footwork and knee spins…OH MY! We got to see him shine tonight, in his own style, and I highly doubt any contemporary dancer could EVER do that without years of practice. He looked like a true professional.
  4. Amanda: Flawless. Every last extremity was perfectly controlled and every move executed with elegance and perfection.

Let me tell ya, I did not want to attempt watching tonight’s Blake McGrath Jazz Funk routine with my glasses on because I feared that baby-faced Jeff would be ravaged by lioness Janick. But I did and hi there Jeff, where did you come from? He was hot and certainly held his own in those big-ass manly boots. WOAH! He’s sticking around for another week. Luckily he didn’t have to do any soft port-de-bras partnering.

Luther + Amanda + Edgar + Hip Hop = LOVE!


No one can doubt that Stacie Tookey knows how to assemble a great piece of choreography, as Dan Karaty said, she’s one of if not the best, but tonight’s contemporary piece was just okay. Great transitions but the song was dull and the piece was not memorable. Charlene and Mackenzie proved to be technically sound but they lacked a whole lot for me.

Now hot topic Denys isn’t going anywhere yet but man he confuses me. Tonight, for the first time, I saw personality in his mambo but don’t be fooled everyone, Denys has yet to pull more than one number out of his genre (woah nelly…who am I…leah miller?). Granted latin, isn’t his thing, so to speak, but it’s still a partner dance with ballroom fundamentals. Just as contemporary and jazz have ballet fundamentals. But there he goes with a solid and undoubtedly powerful solo and throws in a grand jete with no extension in the back leg…and trust me this quasi attitude was not intentional. COME ON! I want to love you…make me love you.

And bummer alert for reunited couple Danielle and Sebastian. The quick step?! Man someone on the production team wants one of these two gone, and my bet is that it’s Sebastian. Although this piece was performed well,  and the only piece that didn’t get a single negatively slanted comment, no one votes for the quick step. It’s unfortunate but true.


Bottom 6: Sebastian, Danielle, Edgar, Nathalie, Denys, Charlene

Sebastian and Nathalie go home.


Thanks for being our very first guest blogger, Ginger!  Great Blog!

Do you have any questions or comments for Ginger?  Agree?  Disagree?  Why or why not?  Remember, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, so please respect those that differ from yours….and be kind.  🙂

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TLC Travel Diary – Marseille, Aix-de-Provence, & Cassis

Marseille, Aix-de-Provence, & Cassis 

This being the last day of our journey (insert sad face here 😦 ), we wanted to make the most of this day in Provence and see as much as we possibly could in the short time we had left.  Additionally, this was our first time visiting this port, so once again we had no set plan for the day – we just let fate take over.  Thankfully, the glorious Mediterranean weather was perfect for the 16th day in a row, so fate was already proving to be on our side. 

The city of Marseille was much larger than we expected, and is surrounded by one of the most impressive marinas we have ever seen – thousands of boats and yachts line the seaside and you can stroll for hours and hours and never seem to reach the end.  


The town was just starting to get active when we arrived in the center, and we stumbled upon a bustling market that was full of every kind of hand-crafted-everything you could imagine!  We were greeted by a lovely baker who enticed us over to try his free biscotti samples…oh dear…they were unbelievable.  So unbelievable in fact, that we filled a bag of almond and pistachio to enjoy with our now morning ritual of cafe-au-lait avec people-watch.  Good salesman, that guy. 

Home-made Biscotti warm out of the oven...mmmm....

Now, I mentioned earlier that this market had a plethora of hand-made goods, but one thing I haven’t told you about yet is my mother’s uncontrollable and somewhat disturbing obsession with shopping for said products.  Seriously, if there was a support group we could recommend for her, we would do so.  Some sort of “Hand-Crafters-Anonymous”, maybe.  She absolutely can not pass a craft shop or kiosk without stopping and buying some little knick-knack for the kitchen, or for a Christmas-stocking-near-you.  Impossible.  So…needless to say…she had found her happy place in this market, and we decided that this is probably where we should part ways for the day, as she would be strolling around here for a while for sure.  Sorry, Dad. 

Mum in her happy place...

Knowing we had limited time to see as much as possible, and knowing that we wanted to make the most of the day due to it being our last, we decided a taxi was the way to go.  We had done a little bit of research and learned that there were a few places of interest nearby, so we jumped in a cab to see if we could fit one into the day.  We chose “Aix-de-Provence”, as the cab driver said it was only about a 20 min drive, and we had read it had a “bohemian” feel ,  as it had a few universities and was a “student town”, so that seemed interesting to us.  

Let us tell you – the descriptions were bang-on.  This was one of the “coolest” towns we had been to in the South of France.  Kind of a cross between Nice, Barcelona, mixed with a bit of Montmartre and Marais in Paris.  Very cool, funky feel.  For example, this is the first thing we stumbled upon as we stepped out of the cab.  Rad. 

We spent a while strolling the chic streets and came across a delightful little delicacy shop that specialized in foie gras and wine matches.  Gee…guess what happened next?  

It was calling our name!

Yup.  The sweet shop-keepers recommended a perfect match for us, and even gave us little wine glasses for our picnic – so sweet!  So…we were set for our “last toast”. 


Aware of the fact that our taxi driver was on a meter, we decided to take our picnic back to Marseille and find a little park to enjoy it in and toast to the last day of our trip.  Along the way our driver says to us, “You know, if you liked Aix, you would love Cassis.  I know you would – it’s very romantic.”  So….guess what happened next? 


Yup.  Next thing we knew, we were on our way to enjoy our picnic lunch in a little town called “Cassis”, and believe us, fate gave us a gift that day we will never forget.  We couldn’t believe our eyes – this beautiful little town turned out to be such a blessing it will forever be in our hearts.  Perfect little cobblestone streets, perfect little cafes, and a perfect little beach.  Perfect way to end our perfect journey.  


to all of our blessings....

Those of you who know us well, know that we completely and faithfully believe that “everything happens for a reason”, and on this day that was proven to us.  This was where we were supposed to toast to the last day of our wonderful trip.  We toasted to my Mum and Dad, to each beautiful day we spent, to each other, and to the blessings that the future holds.  Thank you, Universe…words can not express the gratitude we feel.  Thank you, thank you, thank you….. 

....and to our future.

…and that’s today’s TLC.

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Ballroom Dance Competition Contest Winners!

Ballroom Dance Competition Contest Winners!   

Well, this is somewhat of an experiment, so we hope it works!  We chose the winners of our Dance with TLC Facebook Fan Page contest by video and posted it here! 


Did it work?


If it did…… 

Congratulations to all of the winners!! (We will message you the details of how to pick up the tickets)  

……and……thanks SO much to ALL for playing!!  Fun!!  We will try and have contests as often as we can! 

xoxoxoxo….TLC 🙂

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TLC Travel Diary – Villefranche & Nice

Villefranche & Nice

Villefranche, South of France - click to enlarge


Waking up on Villefranche day for the second week was like waking up for Christmas morning as 5-year-olds – we couldn’t wait!!!        

Of course our beloved future-retirement-spot did not disappoint, and gave us bright, sunny skies without a cloud to be found for miles…..ahhhhh….Villefranche.  We love you.       

When we used to work here on the ships, our absolute favourite thing to do in Villefranche was get up super-early, take the first tender over, and park in a cafe along the waterfront to watch the village wake up….So that’s how we decided to start the day this time too.        

It’s soooo super-quiet and peaceful at this time of day you barely feel your own pulse, and one-by-one, people shuffle out of their apartments, and quietly slip into a cafe for their morning cafe-au-lait and croissant.  The shops slowly open up whenever they want (the hours on the door are just for decoration – they open when they darn-well feel like it) and slowly – peacefully – the village comes alive.  It’s the “European way of life”, and it’s gorgeous to observe first-hand.       

Watching Villefranche wake up...


Waterfront Cafes - Villefranche




We were thrilled to see that nothing had really changed since the days we used to be here every week – everything looked exactly the same as we remembered.  One thing in particular that we were overjoyed to see still there and looking every bit as beautiful as she did 12 years ago – our good friend, Rita.  This lovely lady works at the tourist information desk you see as soon as you get off the tender, and used to greet us with her smiling face every Friday morning.  She is also the lady we spoke of in our earlier blog, who taught us to “work to live…not live to work”.       

TLC & Rita - 1998 (our engagement day!)


TLC & Rita - 2010


When Mum and Dad joined us in our reverie we decided to head directly over to Nice so we’d have the better part of the day to spend there and not be in any kind of rush, as we wanted to take them through both “New Nice” and “Old Nice”.  Again, travelling by public transit in Europe is really easy to do, so even though we couldn’t remember exactly the routine from 12 years ago, we headed to the main street of Villefranche, looked for a bus marked “Nice” and hopped on.  Voila.        

We started in “New Nice” just to show Mum and Dad and take a few snaps, and stroll the area of the well-to-do.  This is the part of town where you will find some of the more expensive hotels and shops, as well as the more modern business areas.  It’s beautiful to see, but our favourite area of town is without-a-doubt “Old Nice” – so we didn’t waste any time heading there to begin browsing.       

TLC in Nice - 1997


TLC in Nice - 2010


The two main areas are separated literally by only one street, so it is very easy to explore the main areas by foot, and in minutes we were there.  It was exactly as we remembered.  The beautiful and famous flower market, the narrow, cobblestone shopping streets called “The Lanes”, the chic Promenade des Anglais, and the playground of the rich and famous – the iconic Hotel Negresco.  Absolutely nothing had changed.  Everything looked as if not one minute of those 12 years had gone by.  Beautiful.       

Flower Market in Nice - can you spot TL?


Promenade des Anglais - Nice, France


The exclusive beaches in Nice - only 30 euro per chair for the day - what a bargain!


"The Lanes" in old Nice


Hotel Negresco


We timed our day so that we would have plenty of time back in Villefranche for a nice lunch and a stroll (had to have our panini and Nicoise Salade – cruise friends, do you remember the sandwich guy?  He’s still there!)       

Lunch with Wine...of course...


And of course a visit to Villefranche would not be complete without stopping to relax at the cute little beach, a place where we passed soooo many hours every Friday from 1996-1998.  We can still picture ourselves and the rest of our friends running down the street late for the last crew tender, and chuckled as we witnessed some of the Voyageur’s crew doing the exact same thing that afternoon 12 years later.  I guess nothing in the South of France changes!  And it shouldn’t!  La Cote d’Azur – you are absolutely perfect in every way – please don’t ever change….       

C'est la vie...

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